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i am downloading G-Dragon's new single it is the shizz so far ^^

i am doing a ton of laundry since i finally clean out my closet and sorted through the clothes i did and didnt want

i saw ponyo the other day and it was so cute *girly scream* its similar to the little mermaid , so i will totally be buying it when it comes out on dvd

i have to take a writing test at motlow tomorrow and i must say i am not at all excited but i am a bit over confident im afraid but i hope i am okay with this test and i score i good grade so that way i dont have to take that stupid class

anyways on to more interesting news...amy aka jihi_chan (her lj name before she deleted it) is coming to sleepover tomorrow and i must say i am semi not looking forward to it just because we do argue quite a bit about things like her being spoiled when she thinks she is sooooo independent. and her religious views contradict themselves ect.

also my dad entered a bbq cooking competition and he won 1st place in bbq pork ribs , 6th in bbq chicken, and 3rd overall ... he wont $150 dollars and a plaque and his picture in the paper

i actually slept over at his house , and keith did too. it wasnt so bad and we rented movies

keith and i got into s fight yesterday and i really dont want to talk about it but to put it short he said i lost my privilege of him helping me pay for OUR dogs dog food that costs 40 bucks a bag (she needs a special bag or she will get sick) and i usually pay for it all but i sometimes ask him to help and i did but he was being a prick so i got mad and he said i lost my privilege of him helping me pay for emilys food ... urgh i dont want to talk about it

mom gave me 3 days of work a week which is what i wanted!!!!!! so ....yay!!!! so i will go to school for 2 days if i pass this test , but if not i go for 3 days and i work 3 days ... right now im taking 5 classes but if i pass this test ill only take 4 just cuz i dont feel like going to school on tuesday and thursday just for one class

also i am reading evermore and it is soooo addicting it is amazing!!!!!

well thats all for the super update of doom ........i;ll let you know about the test and the whole amy thing
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19 July 2009 @ 11:56 pm
hello my flist!!!!!!

i am finally back from camp, i got back on friday and it was not so bad , actually i was inspired to be as great a christian as i possibly can!!!! i want to be a light in the darkness for god!!!!!!

camp was overall good here are some funny things that happened / was said by small kids:

1. funny convo with random little girl
*she sits next to me* "hi, whats your name?"
me- " kelsey......so are you having fun at camp"
her- *nods*
me - "are you ready to go home?"
her- "yeah i guess"
me- "is your mom going to pick you up?"
me- "oh...what about your grandma or someone?"
her-" my me-maw cant pick me up...she only has one leg....she cant even drive....duh!"
me-*busting out laughing*

2. seth finally realizes on the last day of camp that the black light puppets are puppets lol (it is very obvious that they are lol he is just a big dork)

3. adam was crying because during bake a cake ( a big food fight using all the stuff you use to bake a cake) during the fight while he was trying to throw his stuff at the other kids/ counselors they ran away (duh, your supposed to chase them) and he was crying to my pastor , who was video taping it, and tim got frustrated cuz adam was freaking out about kids bumping into him and running away so the cake fight video has tim yelling at adam lol

4. we convinced all the little girls in our dorm that kristee ( another leader) was really a hobo lol me and her were making so many inside jokes and were laughing so hard we cried and the kids didnt really get the jokes but then one of my little campers got in on the joke (it started by one girl asking if kristee was my mom and i said i didnt even know that hobo, so kelsey(camper , not me ) came over and said that she was her hobo daughter) lol it was so funny and it ended with the hobo handshake (you make your hand do the star trek thing-live long and prosper- but we say hobo power and shake hands while our fingers are still like that lol

lol camp was funny

after i got back from camp i hung out with keith and then went to sleepover at raes and left my awesome green and purple pens and silly string and flashlight ....and bubbles lol

it was fun at her party but oly me and misha got her a present..T__________T gaaaaaay!!!!!!!

then i went to church this morning , got gas from the store, took emily to dog training class (only one more to go!!!) , and then rearranged my messing room ......i got ride of the twin bed and put my full size bed there and put my brand new desk (im sitting here now!!!!) where my full sized bad used to be ....i just got done with it and im not all of the way done with cleaning but it looks okay for now

so how was everyone while i was MIA

jaz did you like your grits?????

loves flist!!!!!!
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10 April 2009 @ 11:28 pm
so jazzy was talking about getting a new hobby and it got me thinking ...i think i need one too ...i mean everyone has something that they are into but whats my thing?


i think i picked out my hair for prom ---->http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_JBMeXTzw7Nw/SMgC8NUNmpI/AAAAAAAABqM/ALNtjTJYFNE/s1600-h/bridal-hairstyles3.jpg

i like it a lot !!!!!

emi ate her bed today grrrrr

we also had more really really bad tornado's...they messed town up pretty badly

prom is next weekend jess and rae are tagging along for the awesomeness

keiths sister and neighbor love to booty dance on me ...scary

the fact that im writing like this proves my laziness lol

must clean room asap

debating going to church for easter on sunday

i have a field trip on monday which is cool since i just came back from spring break and wont want to do work

just remembered the math work that was due ...crap

need to sleep even though im not sleepy


oh yeah what my graduation invitations may look like if we decide to order these ones------>http://www.peartreegreetings.com/Graduation-Invitations/View-All/2775-16020PK-Inviting-Dots--Lipstick-Photo-Graduation-Invitation.pro

or these ones------>http://www.peartreegreetings.com/Graduation-Invitations/View-All/2775-16021PK-Stand-Out--Lipstick-Photo-Graduation-Invitation.pro

and maybe these...last one i swear-----> http://www.peartreegreetings.com/Graduation-Invitations/View-All/2775-PTG5090-Looking-Back--Photo-Graduation-Invitations.pro

i dont know yet though

hmmmmmmmm...what do you think????

let me know

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19 January 2009 @ 04:21 pm
ahhh today is rather uneventful what am i to do??? i have to go to work later and i dont really feel lie it ..i need to shower but then i will have to shower right after work so i may as well just wait til then ...also i was going to start on this running program until i realized i have no tennis shoes???? i only own flats and converses how odd? i have some old running shoes but they dont fit any more

so this friday i am getting new shoes ..this friday you ask? cuz then i get paid !!!!!!

well i am going to fix something to eat i have pics of snow!!!!!

well there they are and my doggie charlie!!!!
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