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we had fire in our eyes, in the beginning i never felt so alive

i am downloading G-Dragon's new single it is the shizz so far ^^

i am doing a ton of laundry since i finally clean out my closet and sorted through the clothes i did and didnt want

i saw ponyo the other day and it was so cute *girly scream* its similar to the little mermaid , so i will totally be buying it when it comes out on dvd

i have to take a writing test at motlow tomorrow and i must say i am not at all excited but i am a bit over confident im afraid but i hope i am okay with this test and i score i good grade so that way i dont have to take that stupid class

anyways on to more interesting news...amy aka jihi_chan (her lj name before she deleted it) is coming to sleepover tomorrow and i must say i am semi not looking forward to it just because we do argue quite a bit about things like her being spoiled when she thinks she is sooooo independent. and her religious views contradict themselves ect.

also my dad entered a bbq cooking competition and he won 1st place in bbq pork ribs , 6th in bbq chicken, and 3rd overall ... he wont $150 dollars and a plaque and his picture in the paper

i actually slept over at his house , and keith did too. it wasnt so bad and we rented movies

keith and i got into s fight yesterday and i really dont want to talk about it but to put it short he said i lost my privilege of him helping me pay for OUR dogs dog food that costs 40 bucks a bag (she needs a special bag or she will get sick) and i usually pay for it all but i sometimes ask him to help and i did but he was being a prick so i got mad and he said i lost my privilege of him helping me pay for emilys food ... urgh i dont want to talk about it

mom gave me 3 days of work a week which is what i wanted!!!!!! so ....yay!!!! so i will go to school for 2 days if i pass this test , but if not i go for 3 days and i work 3 days ... right now im taking 5 classes but if i pass this test ill only take 4 just cuz i dont feel like going to school on tuesday and thursday just for one class

also i am reading evermore and it is soooo addicting it is amazing!!!!!

well thats all for the super update of doom ........i;ll let you know about the test and the whole amy thing
relaxing hammock


today keith is taking me ...well im paying so i guess im taking him, but....we are off to see ponyo!!!!

its only 100 min. , dang i was hoping it would be longer

well i am going to dress up all cute and what not in my pretty red and white plaid dress. i am also going to wear my hair down lol i will post pics of us at the theater later on tonight!!!

be ready for my post!!!!
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quick meme that i realllly want to do (as the crow flies)~

Ask me my Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post. Probably with pictures if possible.

Ask me more than one set and it will make me supa dupa happy to the max ...yo! lol

well off to clean ... if enough ppl comment before i make my "good" post later then i'll post it then!!!!!
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meme from ferada!!!!

she picked my 5 random words which are:

bear: when i hear this word i think of the movie brother bear or bear hugs which make me think of keith , he is such a big teddy bear lol it also makes me think of how people kill them and i hate hate hate stuff like that, esp. if they don't even eat it and only do it for the fur

desk: basically were i will be spending the rest of my life , firstly school, then as a teacher I'm sure. i hate sitting at desks the chairs always make my back hurt

stars: family. plain and simple. the women in my family on my mothers side all have a cluster of stars on there wrist each one the color of their children s birthstone as well as nieces and nephews birthstones. i too will get this tattoo in about a month to remind me that family will always be apart of you no matter what you get you will never make that fact disappear

crackers: at first i think of animal crackers and cracker jacks , but then i think of all the white jokes (im white just so ya'll know , i we never mean these jokes to be harmful) cuz we are crackers
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mom...whats the deal???

okay so before i rant on anything else , i have a meeting with my college tomorrow to plan classes and mom has to work so i wanted to bring my aunt , i asked her and she said she would but then i told mom and she said no, its not okay. bluntly. then she goes i'll see if alice can watch the theater so i can go with you. (i think she may be a bit jealous of me liking my aunt)

i do not want mom to go with me.

i want my aunt to.

gay. im kinda mad now

okay so rae came over thins weekend and we had mexican food twice lol and sushi once. the sushi was super yummy to the max. i had crunchy shrimp and then grill beef. sooooo good !!!!

went to church today and then took my little cousins to the park and then ate mexican (this would be time number 2 for the weekend) with raes fam. and went shopping with them as well

after that i went to see if my other little cousins wanted to go to game night at church and then we hopped in my truck and went to game night , played taboo and some scrabble type game on the game system. then went to drop them off and had the whole will you take me to college? thing and then came home just to hear mom say no. whats the big freaking deal? why cant she take me? mom wasnt going to. now if i tell mom i will go alone then she will think i DONT wanna go with her , i mean i dont but still....grrrrrrrr!

oh and to anyone who cares....i have become jasmines petite souer!!!!!

i am so excited to be apart of her new family!!!!!!!

any who im kinda cheesed off right now so im going to try and thing of good things that have come from this ....none of which come to mind right now T______________T

also i hope mom gives me that 400 dollars for books!!!!!!!!

also god spoke to me in church and it was amazing , i had a great day besides the whole college thing
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a promise awaits

i have tons of things to post about ...sorry for the mini hiatus

i will try my best to write a proper post tonight

look forward to it!!!!!!!!!!
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some people die for love <3

im afraid that i have been a bit of a lazy girl and decided to not post for 6 days!!!!!

i have had some things in mind to post about but of course by the time i have gotten around to posting them , they have all fled from my brain.

but , as for recent matters, i went to holiday world/splashin' safari yesterday and it was okay, i liked the roller coasters and water rides but idk i just didnt have as much fun as i did two years ago. i got burnt on my shoulders and scalp. :( it was not really hurting too bad until tommy put a hot apple pie from mcdonalds on it!!!!! i started to cry right in the restaurant and he didnt even get in trouble , i got in trouble for trying to hit him for doing it. all mom said was " say your sorry, it hurt her"

should have gone to the ice skating place

today keith woke me up :)

he put aloe vera on my sunburn and then later that evening i went to barnes and noble and did this:

i sat outside and read about 3 chapters of my book while eating my subway and drinking my frappechino lite. it was so warm and felt so good outside , but i paid for my coffee with change and the lady laughed a little at me she was like, "you have a lot of change!"

then i came home and made a homemade eye mask to help me sleep. i will share it with you ladies cuz most of you will probably appreciate it lol


get an old sock or one without a match (i took a sock that didnt have a match but was pretty and had pictures and stuff on it)

turn it inside out (if you get a sock that is a pretty one and has designs) and put about 1 1/2 cups of jasmine rice in it or until you think you have enough , it should be half full -also, do not use an ankle sock

when you fill it enough take a ponytail holder and tie it above where the rice is but not too close, so you can stretch it out a bit later

then filp the top part over the bottom part ( if you had a pretty sock then you should be about to see the design now) and pull it down until it covers the bottom part most of the way , if your sock seems too short and fat , then simply pull the hair tie up toward the top of the sock a little more.

finally put it in the freezer for a couple of hours or if you have headaches, knots, or sinus problems pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds

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i hace been waiting... waiting only for you~

hola flist~~

sorry for the lame not posting thing ... idk any excuses except i just didnt have anything of interest to post about

i paid the app. fee for motlow and i took the orientation online and now im waiting on the stupid email about my advisor meeting

school stuff blows. i mean dont get me wrong , im excited about college, but this paperwork crap and all of these fees are straight up gay!!!!

rae~ come over and spend the night before school starts and we can also celebrate my bday then if you want to!!!!!

i wish lol

i have to spend the remainder of the weekend filling out freaking thank you cards for graduation ...grrrr!!!! i think i need to fill out about 50 or so ......maybe more

that also blows

i feel like im broke , but maybe im not ... i have a little over 400 in my account and mom owes me 400 from my grad money but i need that for books for school

am i broke? i mean for a kid? i feel like it

mom is making me pay for my gas now ..... hate hate hate !!!!!!

keith and i have gotten a lot closer this week ... email for details

see ya later flist , comments are super love today